Infrared heater 2000W, IP65, golden halogen lamp heating element

Infrared heater 90-031 is a device that converts electricity into heat. Thanks to the emitted rays a pleasant and healthy warmth is felt, just like being on the sun. The heater obtains full heating power immediately after being switched on. Thanks to the protection class IP65 the heater is resistant to unfavorable weather conditions and can be used both outside and inside.Features:• energy saving• instant heating• lower operating costs• ecological work • simple installation and operation• the possibility of directing the heat energy from the radiator• no heat loss and no need to heat the air. Energy is converted into heat when it comes into contact with a solid • quiet work• possibility of use both indoor and outdoorTechnical informations:• power: 2000W• heating element: golden halogen lamp• index of protection: IP65• heating area: 18 mkw• lighting time: 6000h• possibility of mounting: wall, ceiling, tripod
  • EAN 5907558447422
  • Package material cardboard
  • Lighting time 6000 h
  • Protection level IP65
  • Power 2000 W
  • Intended for indoor and outdoor
  • Heating area 18 m2
  • mounting for for wall, ceiling or tripod
  • Heating element golden halogen lamp
90-031__BNE_TPI_K01.png 90-031__BNE_TPI_K02.png 90-031__BNE_TPI_K06.png 90-031__BNE_TPI_K03.png 90-031__BNE_TPI_K05.png