Socket set 25 pcs set, 1/2" , CrV

NEO 1/2" socket wrench set (ref. no. 08-674) includes 25 pieces made of high quality chromium vanadium steel. The set includes 1/2" ratchet (durable ratchet mechanism with 72 teeth) with ergonomic offset handle and wide range of hexagonal sockets with embossed information (18 pcs, sizes 10 to 32 mm). Complementary additional accessories: two spark plug sockets (16 and 21 mm), universal joint, extension, spinner handle, flex handle. All is supplied in convenient, metal case with sturdy clamps. Product reliability is confirmed with 25 years warranty. NEO brand meets expectations of professionals.
  • EAN 5907558421606
  • Drive square size 1/2"
N104.png 08-674__BNE_TPI_K01_TUV.png 08-674__BNE_TPI_K02_25Y.png 08-674__BNE_TPI_K03_CRV.png 08-674__BNE_TPI_K04.png 08-674__BNE_TPI_K07.png 08-674__BNE_TPI_K08.png 08-674__BNE_TPI_K11.png 08-674__BNE_TPI_K17.png 08-674__BNE_TPI_K18.png N005.png N100.png N197.png N192.png N190.png TUV.png