Infrared heater 1000W, IP44


Standing infra-red heater, 90-035

Infra-red heater 90-035 is a device transforming electricity into heat. Radiation ensures pleasant and healthy experience similar to spending a day in the sun. Infra-red heater achieves full heating power instantly after activation. Comes with a safety heating cut-off function triggered, e.g. when it is overturned. Suitable both for indoor and outdoor use

Main features:

  • energy efficiency

  • instant heating

  • lower operating costs

  • eco-friendly

  • easy installation and operation

  • option to direct thermal energy flow

  • no heat losses and necessity to heat up air energy transformed into heat while coming into contact with a solid object

  • quiet operation

  • indoor and outdoor use

Technical specifications:

  • Power: 1000W

  • Heating element: halogen lamp

  • Protection degree: IP44

  • Heating area: 3 m2

  • Glowing time: 6000h

  • Heating cut-off function

  • EAN 5907558447460
  • Package material cardboard
  • Lighting time 6000 h
  • Protection level IP44
  • Power 1000 W
  • Intended for indoor and outdoor
  • Heating area 3 m2
  • Heating element carbon fiber lamp
90-035__BNE_TPI_K01.png 90-035__BNE_TPI_K02.png 90-035__BNE_TPI_K03.png 90-035__BNE_TPI_K04.png 90-035__BNE_TPI_K05.png 90-035__BNE_TPI_K06.png